HARVARD CRIME STUDY (2016-2019) – Mixed male-female focus group

Three Focus groups. Conducted in September 2019 on behalf of a team of Harvard and Emory University Political Scientists studying vigilante justice in Haiti. Specifically, one focus groups with seven male participants 27 to 46 years of age from Site Soley, Martissant, and Belaire;

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Earthquake Camps – OCHA – NGOs Staff Focus Group

January 2016, commissioned by United National OCHA camp cluster interested in the impact of rental subsidies and different assistance packages for people moved from the camps and back into residential housing. The focus groups were conducted with the Staff of programs implemented by Goal, Helpage, Concern, IOM, and Care.

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Mango – Haiti Hope / Focus groups

Three focus groups with mango producers, conducted in the Spring of 2015 in the three communes (counties) of Ennery, La Chapelle, and Seau D’Eau. The focus groups were part of a larger Evaluation of the Haiti Hope Mango Project (Haiti) funded by IDB, USAID, Coca Cola, and the Soros Foundation with the implementing partner TechnoServe.

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Cacao – CRS/IDB/Root – Focus Groups

6 of 12 focus groups fully transcribed and translated. January 2015. Included members from each of 12 cooperatives--seven in the Department of the North and five in the Grand Anse. The 12 focus groups were conducted by three discussion leaders, two women and one man. Focus groups included 8 to 15 members of the respective cooperatives.

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