Cacao – CRS/IDB/Root – Focus Groups

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6 of 12 focus groups fully transcribed and translated. January 2015. Included members from each of 12 cooperatives–seven in the Department of the North and five in the Grand Anse. The 12 focus groups were conducted by three discussion leaders, two women and one man. Focus groups included 8 to 15 members of the respective cooperatives. Participants were recruited by cooperative leaders. Focus group questions explored cooperative activities, the effectiveness of past interventions, cocoa production in general, gender roles, and issues relating to the market. The research was actually part of two projects, on funded in part by Root Capital and the other part of a CRS implemented project, “Creating Alliances In Cocoa For Improved Access And Organization In Haiti.” The latter project was designed and funded by the International Development Bank with the goal of developing Haiti’s long experience and potential as a regional cacao producer and bring increased revenues to the estimated 200,000 producing families engaged in cacao production.