EKO HAITI Research Hub is a research and knowledge mobilization platform focused on creative, collaborative and interdisciplinary research and associated research-based learning


Established in 2021, the EKO Haiti Research Hub facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration and the implementation of participatory action research methods, with the goal of generating tangible, durable changes in the way research about Haiti is conceptualized, implemented and applied.

We aim to become the intellectual “home” for research about Haiti  by creating and providing open access to the largest crowdsourced research archive dedicated to Haiti, by fostering cross-disciplinary research and innovation, and by providing support for progressive research in the form of contextual expertise and training in participatory action research methodology.

As well as  interdisciplinary researchers, many of the Hub’s members and leading figures are creative practitioners who not only produce traditional scholarly outputs, but also art, poetry, creative writing, documentary and professional inputs for government, cultural and community institutions.



These include:

  • raising awareness about the importance of research and innovation culture nationally and internationally, and sharing our work in this area;
  • providing access to the largest open source and crowdsourced research archive dedicated to Haiti;
  • fostering a research and innovation network where diverse and dynamic people and ideas can thrive;
  • generate high impact/quality traditional and non-traditional research outputs;
  • provide training and mentorship to graduates of high potential;
  • provide innovative research training for research students; 
  • build productive and impact-oriented research relationships with communities and organisations locally, nationally and internationally.


At EKO HAITI Research Hub, we encourage the submission of research papers, reports, policy documents, audio visual materials and books for inclusion in our open source archives. Please click here to submit research materials. The material submitted for publication on the EKO HAITI’s website undergoes a strict quality control process to ensure that selected content is relevant and of high quality. We welcome a variety of perspectives within the themes covered by this site.


We’re honoured to work in partnership and collaboration with local and international institutions that continuously help us fostering research and innovation and enhance the breadth of our archives