Popped Millet and Peanut Butter Market Research

MFK has developed three types of fortified popped millet food snacks and a peanut butter in a sachet that it hopes to distribute on the Haitian market. Regarding the popped millet: one is a sweetened product, the other salty, and a third product is a mixture of the two. The peanut butter is a plain creamy, partly hydrogenated product made from high grade local peanuts and imported varieties. MFK now wishes to test the products with consumers and develop a business plan for marketing them.

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Plateau Central Market Research

The market research presented in this report is drawn from several phases of investigation in Haiti’s Plateau Central (hereafter referred to as the Plateau) commissioned by the Clinton Foundation (hereon referred to as CF) and facilitated by TechnoServ Haiti, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) dedicated to “business solutions to poverty.”

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