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“Tap Tap”

A Haitian man drives a “tap tap” (an independently operated taxi).

Pine Forest Tree Planting

Students carry seedlings along a forest road to the field where they will be planted

Dancing in Grand Boulange

Local women in Grand Boulage are having fun by dancing.

Police graduation

In the middle of the police graduation ceremony.

Resilient construction

UNDP Haiti project beneficiary shows how to prepare disaster-resilient construction material.

Carrying rubbles manually

Project beneficiary cleares rubble manually in Nerette, Port-au-Prince, where heavy machinery cannot be used

Grand Boulage Watershed Management

Local women in Grand Boulage are employed in one of UNDP’s watershed management projects

UN Mission Co-sponsors “Sports Day for Peace” in Haitian Capital

Spectators watch as a Haitian man soars in the long jump, one of the events of a “Sports Day for Peace” organized by the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH)

Haitians Dig Mass Graves Outside Port-au-Prince

Grave diggers strenuously work to excavate several mass graves in a rural area outside Haiti capital Port-au-Prince

Haiti Quake Leaves Shanty Town Residents with Little Water

A boy in Cité Soleil carries away a hard-won bucket of water from a broken water pipe where many Haitians struggled for their share.

Haitians Seek Refuge from Sun After Violent Earthquake

A mother shelters her children from the sun inside a makeshift tent city in Cité Soleil, Haiti, after a violent earthquake left most structures in ruins.

Cormier Plage

A nice view from Cormier beach