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Rural zone from Haiti

See a rural zone with little houses and trees from Haiti.

Haiti landscape in countryside

See a very beautiful place in the countryside of Haiti.

View from a mountain

Viewing of a urban zone in Haiti from a high mountain. It actually gives an idea about the Hatian relief.

Hatian plain

Viewing of plain in an area from Haiti. There isn’t a lot of trees but the zone is actually covered with some little vegetation.

High mountains and deforestation

We saw huts all over the mountains!

Haitian coast

See the beauty of the Hatian coast from that picture.

Ananas from Haiti

Viewing an ananas fruit from Haiti. There’s a lot of this fruit in the country.


Viewing the problem of waste and sewage management in Haiti in this picture.

Cow and the field

Viewing a cow grazing in the land close to a garden. Animals from Haiti.

Hatian frogs

Critically endangered Haitian frogs recently rescued for captive breeding and cryobanking as insurance against their extinction in the wild.

Man leading horses

Viewing a man leading three horses in a place from Haiti. See also the landscape and the trees all around.

Hatian pet pig

Viewing of a pig grazing in the field. Hatian nature and animal.