Gender Survey – CARE HAITI – HEALTH SECTOR – Life-Saving Interventions for Women and Girl in Haiti

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The quantitative Gender Survey described in this document was part of a larger evaluation and exploration of gender in Leogane and Carrefour, two communes (counties) near to Port-au- Prince that were among those most heavily impacted by the January 12th 2010 earthquake. Following the catastrophe CARE initiated emergency and supportive relief efforts in the communes, including sanitation, health and cash for work programs. In April 2010 CARE launched a program on Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) focusing on family planning and maternal health; later that same year CARE added the Life-Saving Interventions for Women and Girls project, the objective of which was to “combat gender-based violence and to reduce mortality and morbidity among earthquake-affected women and girls.” In March 2013 CARE commissioned the qualitative evaluation of these projects and the present complementary quantitative survey that would help to both corroborate findings from the qualitative evaluation and provide guidance for further gender-informed interventions in the region. Both studies are part of CARE International’s commitment to helping the poor in Haiti and to long term development, endeavors in which it has been a major Government of Haiti ally since 1954.