Fading Frontier: An Anthropological Analysis of the Agroeconomy and Social Organization of the Haitian-Dominican Border

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The following report is a rapid rural appraisal that compares and contrasts the agrarian economy, social organization, and developmental world view found in six rural areas of the Dominican-Haitian border, three on the Haitian side and three on the Dominican side. The report assesses the relevance of these patterns for projected bilateral watershed activities.

The research was commissioned by the United States Agency for International Development in the Dominican Republic (USAID/DR) to provide empirical input into a multi-donor conference convened for the planning of bilateral development activities in the border area, specifically in the areas of the Artibonite and Macasía watersheds.

The data on which the report is based were gathered by a team of three anthropologists experienced in rural research on one or both sides of the border and fluent in Spanish and/or Creole.