Evaluation of Local Purchasing and School Canteen Pilot Project in Petite Riviere de Nippes. Report 3 of 3

This document is the third of three reports pertaining to a longitudinal evaluation of a local procurement school feeding pilot project in the Department of Nippes for the years 2015-2017. Until the end of 2017, the project was supported financially by the Government of Brazil (GoB). It is implemented with oversight and logistic expertise from WFP and the Haitian organization BND (Bureau de Nutrition et Developpement), the latter of which oversees quality and delivery of the food to the schools. Also involved is the Haitian non- governmental entity ROPANIP (Reseau des Organisations des Producteurs/Productrices Agricoles de Nippes), which coordinates purchases from and support to farmer associations. The research is intended to examine the Local Purchasing and School Canteen Pilot Project with respect to the following issues,

  • the system for purchasing and controlling quality of local agricultural products
  • integration of local purchasing into the procedures of Haitian public entities
  • distribution to schools
  • the school canteens and distribution to student-beneficiaries
  • nutritional substance of the meals, regional and local differences, preferences and availability
  • whether the project design and execution contribute to the increasing of farmer revenues and production
  • whether the project design and execution reinforce of the organizational structures of agricultural producer organizations
  • durability of the model
  • potential for scaling up for a national program of providing school meals in communes across the country