Coordination Nationale de la Sécurité Alimentaire. Strategic Orientations for Humanitarian Aid Targeting in Haiti

This document is a summary of CNSA’s more comprehensive, Report on Beneficiary Targeting in Haiti: Detection Strategies. It is meant as a summary of that report and a beneficiary selection guide for organizations working in the humanitarian aid and development sectors. With input from Haiti’s CNSA, the World Food Program (WFP), the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), USAID, Oxfam, and a long-list of other Humanitarian agencies, the guide refines the fundamental best practices of beneficiary targeting in the Haiti. The discussion begins by defining what is meant when we say targeting. Focus then narrows to the following specific challenges encountered in Haiti,

  • Definition of Targeting
  • Basic Tenets
  • Characteristics of a Robust Targeting Strategy
  • The Humanitarian Aid Targeting Chain
  • Best Practices in Haiti