Sustainability of Collaborative Educational Endeavor in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

Objective: The purpose of this DNP Project was to investigate factors that influence the sustainability of a prior nursing physical assessment education intervention with intensive care unit (ICU) nurses working at Saint Luke’s Hospital in Haiti.

Methods: A qualitative design, utilizing focus group interviews and direct observation was used. Two focus group interviews were held at St. Luke’s Hospital. Participants were identified via purposeful sampling, with the aid of key informants, to include Haitian nursing and medical administration, ICU staff nurses, and physicians that participated in the prior nursing education intervention. An interpreter was present during the interviews. The interviews were audiotaped, allowing verbatim translation and transcription into English. The transcription was analyzed to identify themes regarding factors that influenced the sustainability of the prior nursing physical assessment education.

Findings: The majority of themes identified in the nursing focus group interview were mirrored in the physician focus group interview and aligned with current literature. These included staffing, nursing knowledge regarding physical assessments, and continuing education. The nursing focus group indicated that ongoing communication and collaboration were factors influencing sustainability. In the physician focus group, the theme of interdisciplinary integration also emerged.

Conclusion: There is limited literature discussing the factors that influence sustainability of nursing education in developing countries. A program evaluation to examine these factors for the prior nursing education at St. Luke’s Hospital had not been conducted. Findings indicate that there are numerous factors that influenced the sustainability of the prior nursing physical assessment education intervention. Although these findings are not transferable to other settings or populations, understanding means to increase sustainability may be influential in future nursing education endeavors with St. Luke’s Hospital in Haiti.