Kith and Kin: A Study of Creole Social Structure in Marblai, Haiti

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This monograph is a partial report on field research in the region of Marbial, Department de l’Ouest, Haiti, during a period of some eighteen months between April 1948 and April 1950. The fieldwork, carried out under the direction of Dr. Alfred Metraux, was planned and executed in preparation for a pilot project in fundamental education under the joint auspices of the Government of Haiti and the United Nations Educational, ScientificandCulturalOrganisation. I myself was not a member of the field team working in Marbial and, in fact, have never been in Marbial.

My participation in the study was limited to the work I did with Dr. Metraux in drawing up the original program; later, when I was in Haiti from December 1948 to May 1949, I took part in discussions of field problems and collborated in the writing of interim field reports.



A meta-analysis of Haitian rural household surveys

This dissertation makes use of data from three large and detailed rural household surveys conducted in Haiti to examine elements of economic behavior in poor rural households. We use the earliest survey to formulate a set of hypotheses and use statistical meta-analysis to test them against all three surveys.

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