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Troops inspection (1920)

A U.S. Marine inspecting a troop of Haitian soldiers.

Machann (1916)

Street seller in Port au Prince, 1916.

Grocery store (1916)

A woman and her children in front of a grocery store, 1916.

Peasant Women (1916)

Two peasant women on mules, Port au Prince, Haiti.

Meat Market (1916)

Meat market in Port au Prince in 1916

U.S Occupation (1915)

A U.S troops battalion marches in Haiti during the occupation.

Haitian Police (1914)

Two Haitian Police officiers detain a woman, 1914.

Jean Price Mars (Unknown)

The Young Jean Price-Mars. This image was taken prior to the U.S. intervention It shows a young Price-Mars in military regalia sporting a saber.

Tramway Port au Prince (1910)

Tramway Port au Prince in 1910.

Peasant children (1910)

A group a peasant children, Haiti.

Mardi Gras (1910)

Port au Prince, Mardi Gras, 1910.

Port au Prince (1910)

Port au Prince, vue sur la ville et le port.