Review Studies of Recent Scholarships on Education in Haiti: Dissertations, Doctoral Theses, Scientific and Refereed Journal Articles, Books and other Official Documents (2009)

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The publication of a first evaluation of the Haitian educational system in 1987 was already indicative of the stakeholders’ desire to have an adequate idea of it from the administrative, pedagogical and human resources standpoint. From this study, stakeholders agreed that the quality of human resources should be improved and that the management of available resources should be streamlined and that curricula should be modernized. Although many decisions have been made, it is clear that, three decades later, many challenges remain unanswered. More recent studies have focused either on the impact of school expenditures and financing public and private education in Haiti or on the issue of quality and access to education. This present study undertaken by InnovED-uniQ is undoubtedly one of the first to be concerned about the literature produced on education in Haiti. Indeed, since the first appearance of educational training centers in Haiti (which can be traced back to the 1950s), there is no comprehensive documentation on the state of publications on Haitian education. The dominant domains or problems in Haitian education research are also not known. Yet, there is a set of reflections made by both student-researchers and professional researchers across the country. A reference center for educational documentation is not only aimed at acquiring knowledge on the field concerned, but also on the capitalization of knowledge production of scientific documents. The lack of systematization of these data makes them inaccessible to the university community. This is, among other things, the void that this review study proposes to fill.