Assessment and Programme Guidance for Food Security – Health Programming in North-West and Artibonite, Haiti

This study focuses on Haiti’s Department of the North West and Northern portion of the Department of the Artibonite. The objectives were to,

1)  Undertake community consultations and field-based assessment in the north-West/upper Artibonite on food security and health to identify most at-risk communities, food supply, coping mechanisms, etc.

2)  Undertake quick mapping of actors and their programmes in the NW/upper Artibonite related to food security-health.

3)  Co-ordinate with NGOs and the Government of Haiti to identify programme areas potential CARE interventions.

4)  Assess resource requirements and constraints (human, financial, material, logistic) and costs (salaries, rent, transport, favourable exchange rates, etc) associated with starting operations and to provide options and relevant recommendations for strategic programming;

5)  Quick SWOT with partners and community participants/leaders(including assessment of local capacity, priority needs, CARE competence/experience)

6)  Recommend appropriate programme intervention options based on the underlying causing of poverty.