Community Environmental Preservation Initiatives in Borgne, Haiti

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The purpose of this thesis was to complete an analysis of the work and practices of the community organizations of Borgne, Haiti. While the work of several community organizations was examined, research specifically focused on the community’s tree-planting project. Given the current state of Haiti’s environment and the historic record of development efforts in Haiti, this project represents a unique model that may have larger implications on the way in trees are planted throughout Haiti. Field research was completed on site in Borgne in the summer months of 2010. The primary methods employed in data collection were Participatory Action Research and semi-structured interviewing.



Advancing an integrated food energy system (IFES) in Haiti: Applying resiliency and sustainability models in ecologically degraded environments

This study examines the complex factors and causes of Haiti’s ecological demise, identifying the tipping points which led to its early environmental challenges, its eventual isolation, economic stagnation and decline within the exclusionary global economic system of mercantilism, all resulting in, and reinforced by, a complex western ideological bias defined as ‘Haitiism’.

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