Once again congratulations for having been selected. We are very excited to have you all onboard and are very much looking forward to working with you. As mentioned during our first individual meeting we hope that this is the first step to a long term collaboration and as the project evolves so will your role and input. 

The internship is designed to primarily assist us to gather content for the EKO Haiti website while developing new research skills. The initial step consist in researching and gathering photographs from the World Wide Web and upload them into our server using the upload form below.

Before going ahead and start uploading images, I would like you to watch the introductory video and the two tutorials in order to ensure that you understand the nature of the project, the task at hand and all specifics related. The Creative Commons tutorial is particularly important as it sets the frame for the picture research as well giving all the information needed in order to ensure that you search for relevant images (type, size, licences).

 As you will see the form is only slightly different than the one you have been using during the exercise.While filling out the Upload Entry Form please refer to the Guidelines in order to ensure that the correct information is given for each field.


#1: Introductory Video

Important links: https://crl.acrl.org/index.php/crl/article/view/16950/19370

#2: Creative Commons, Copyright and licenses
#3: Filling in the Upload Form



Read carefully the guidelines below to ensure that the correct data is entered for all fields.

Picture Title: If the image already has a title simply copy and paste it. If not the Title should be 2 to 3 words long, referring to the main subject of the image.

Photographer: Just as for the date, the author of the picture might not be known. If that is the case just enter “Unknown”.

Date: Most images will be dated but in some cases, especially when looking at old images, the exact date is unknown. If that is the case just enter the estimated date or simply enter “Unknown”.

Location: Most images description will include a location (ie: Grand Anse, Port au Prince, Hinche…). If that is not the case just include ‘Haiti’ as the main location.

Category: Choose the category in which you think the subject of your image falls into. 

Description: Use the description provided by the author or the source website. If no description is provided please describe in short sentences what the image is depicting (subject, event), what is happening and where.

Source URLCopy and Paste the URL address of the webpage where you have found the image.

Image Upload: Please be aware that the image file must be either a jpg or png file and cannot exceed 5Mb in size.

Photograph Upload Entry Form