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Front view of a car intended for the transport of goods in Cap Haitien


Hillside view in a county in Haiti

The Battle of Vertières

A picture in vertieres where The Battle of Vertières (in Haitian Creole Batay Vètyè) took place in 1803.

The Intensity

A huge crowd in the middle of the street

Over the Cap-Haitian

A view from above the city cap haitian


A swamp filled with garbage

Haitian Girl by the River

Girl poses in front the river.

Art Work in Haiti

Beautiful paintings in Haiti

Biscuit in the Mouth

The retailer eating a cookie from her products for sale

Hispaniolan Eyespot Sphaero

An endemic lizard from Haiti. Its skin is green because it’s going to have moult. Two of this existing specifies are in Haiti, and the others are in the Dominican Republic.

Weaver Birds

These Weaver Birds are from Haiti. They are some interesting animals and useful too.

Haitian Giant Galliwasp

Haitian Giant Galliwasp. It’s an endemic species from our country.