HACHO and the Community Council Movement

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This evaluation of HACH0 is undertaken in compliance with the requirement that there be an end-of-project evaluation at the time of the termination of AID’s direct administrative support, September 30, 1979. The usefulness of this undertaking lies in its retrospective learning opportunity in general, and the information gathering and analysis pertinent for considering future Operational Program Grants.

The evaluation team was directed to focus the evaluation on the working relationships between community councils, HACHO and local communities in terms of their impact and effectiveness in furthering the goals of development. In order to elucidate these relationships and their consequences, HACHO was examined from a number of different perspectives. Community councils and federations were examined in terms of their internal structure and funct.ioning, and also in relation ;0 various projects. Since not all projects could be examined thoroughly, the emphasis was placed on projects reflecting a greater degree of program activity pertinent to future AID interests. HACHO as an agency was v1e~ed in its own terms and in relation to other organizations working in the area. Furthermore, an attempt was made to place all of this information in context, sketching salient socio-economic characteristics of the northwest region.